Monday, January 28, 2008


a side of the hill
jagged edges

heads together
in consultation
the hair salon

near evening
still catching the light
daubs the artist's brush

whizzing traffic
graffiti on the wall

the unswept path
fallen leaves
from yesterday's wind

children's carnival
a masquerader

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lunchbreak Birthday Bash 2008

Welcome to Lunch break 's Birthday Bash 2008.

The first post to lunch break was uploaded January 18th 2006.

In 2007 i invited haiku for a Lunch break birthday bash
Lunchbreak 1st birthday bash

This year i invited images. Thank You to all who contributed.

Photo "my back yard" and haiku from Paula Fisher

working Sunday
the view from home
on screen

Paula Fisher lives in Key Largo FL and in AL-Egaila, Kuwait.

Photo 'Rose' and haiku 'Still Frame' from Nan Forehand

pink rose suspended
time can not touch the petals
a love immortal

Nan Forehand, is from North Carolina.

Photo "baby-reacing-team-story" from Kitsune Miko
Kitsune Miko lives Palo Alto, California

Photo "Greetings 08" fromKuniharu Shimizu
Kuniharu is from Japan

Photo "Camellias, Linnean House, Missouri Botanical Garden " from Cindy Tebo
Cindy is from Missouri

Photo and haiku "Autumn Night " from Angelika Kolompar

Autumn night
her full face visits again
in a purple glow

Angelika Kolompar lives on Vancouver Island, Canada

Photo "nengajou2008 " from Museki Abe
Museki Abe is from Japan

All images have been scaled to a height of 300pxs.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008