Friday, August 31, 2012

Celebrating Fifty


Independence day -
the number fifty flags
the celebrations

Independence night -
a moon full again returns
a second visit

--gillena cox

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Together we aspire together we achieve National Motto of T&T
The moon is fifty times smaller than the Earth true or false?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Savvy 38

“Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week” -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)

Today, Sunday 26, is the last Sunday of August 2012. A golden month for Trinidad and Tobago, since we celebrate 50 years as an independent nation on Friday August 31

Sunday savvy -
a touch of Midas
in this land?

--gillena cox

Sunday Smiles

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Savvy 37

Sunday savvy -
the soft buttery flavour
of avocado slices

--gillena cox

...the West Indian type bears the largest fruit with some avocados weighing over two pounds. The skin is smooth and usually light green. The leaves have no scent...In addition to being a popular plantation tree in Central and South America, it is grown extensively in California. The Quetzal bird was an important element of early Central American mythology, and Aztec royalty wore headdresses including plumes removed from live-trapped males (which could then be released to grow new feathers with their next molt). Guatemalans so revere the Quetzal that they chose it as the national bird, and even named their monetary unit the "quetzal". The Quetzals rely heavily on the fruit of wild avocados for food. The fruits are swallowed whole, and the large seeds, still viable, are often regurgitated at some distance from the source tree. Because Quetzals are among the only frugivorous (fruit-eating) birds able to eat these large fruits, it is thought that the wild avocados are reliant on them to disperse their seeds...

Its a rainy Sunday morning; What does Sunday have to do with avocado; absolutely nothing, except that i had some at breakfast this morning

Sunday Smiles

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fresh greening
after rain avacados
picked from the tree

--Adelaide, US

avacado slice
toasted on garlic bread
lunch with a friend

--Merrill Ann Gonzales, US

at the supermarket
her puzzled expression
ripe avocado?

--Diane Mayr , US

avocado drink
our lunch conversation
sweeter than before

Christine L Villa , US

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Renku Saturday 26

sunlit memories
i remember the hymn
that you crooned
while pollinating my
garden full of aster

--Linda Ashok, India

in heat shimmers
paper fan spread wide
he sleeps

--Issa, 1815

at the tips of branches
hot pink bougainvillea

--gillena cox

You're lost
follow my scent
I have to leave


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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Maya Angelou said "...The Olympics Committee ask me to write a poem for the 2008 Olympics and I offer it again for the 2012 Olympians. I commend you all, Americans and winners across the globe for what you do is win the human spirit and therefore we are all winners..."

Amazement Awaits By Maya Angelou

Sheer amazement awaits
Amazement luxuriant in promise
Abundant in wonder
Our beautiful children arrive at this Universal stadium
They have bathed in the waters of the world
And carry the soft silt of the Amazon, the Nile,
The Danube, the Rhine, the Yangtze and the Mississippi
In the palms of their right hands.
A wild tiger nestles in each armpit
And a meadowlark perches on each shoulder.
We, the world audience, stand, arms akimbo,
Longing for the passion of the animal
And the melody of the lark
The tigers passion attend the opening bells,
The birds sing of the amazement which awaits.
The miracle of joy that comes out of the gathering of our best, bringing their best,
Displaying the splendor of their bodies and the radiance of their agile minds to the cosmos.
Encouragement to those other youth caught in the maws of poverty,
Crippled by the terror of ignorance.
They say Brothers and Sisters, Yes, try. Then try harder.
Lunge forward, press eagerly for release.
The amazement which awaits is for you.
We are here at the portal of the world we had wished for
At the lintel of the world we most need.
We are here roaring and singing.
We prove that we can not only make peace, we can bring it with us.
With respect for the world and its people,
We can compete passionately without hatred.
With respect for the world and its people,
We can take pride in the achievement of strangers.
With respect for the world and its people,
We can share openly in the success of friends.
Here then is the Amazement
Against the odds of impending war
In the mouth of bloody greed
Human grace and human spirit can still conquer.
Ah … We discover, we ourselves
Are the Amazement which awaits
We are ourselves Amazement.

hope you enjoyed 'Amazement Awaits' By Maya Angelou

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Savvy 36

Sunday savvy -
sea bathing
three women's stories
of giving birth

--gillena cox

Usually on a Sunday after uploading my Sunday Savvy post, i would visit other blogs, to tag their Sunday posts at Lunch Break. Today was different. After responding to Geraldine's comment left at yesterday post; i visited the link she left me, and in hyperlinking further, came across a Sunday blog prompt of 'bathing' at 'One Single Expression' So today's Sunday Savvy post is prompted thus

Sunday Smiles

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The Connecticutl Lighter than Air Society calender tells me they are having a picnic! Now THAT should be something to enjoy for sure!

rising into gray skies
balloon festival

--Merrill Ann Gonzales

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Sunday Savvy 35

the inset image from google

While cooking gas users would call in and order their 100 lb cylinders from the gas company and wait the delivery, on a Sunday morning, the sellers of the smaller tanks pass by as a routine

Sunday savvy -
horns precede the rattle on
the gas sellers truck
-- gillena cox

Sunday Smiles

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Sunday barbeque
savoring the smells
from the neighbor's


Sunday heat
sounds along the highway
blurred lines


my bead necklaces
the cats awake
to my dance


Saturday, August 04, 2012

Renku Saturday 25

sakasaka a susuona‘t

(Iluko of the northernmost region of The Philippines)

full moon
on bare feet balancing
night on its head

--Alee Imperial Albano, PH

beads at a market stall
looking into the distance a falcon

--gillena cox , TT

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