Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day Renku 2008

mothers day
taste of
beauty and elegance /gc

visit to mom
she wears clothes made
from my cloths /jtc

Mother’s Day--
a bouquet of white lilies
beside your tombstone /jd

mothers day--
her favorite blue flowers
placed at the grave /jg

lovely as a rose
Mama's love will never die
fragrant years later /nf

Hail Mary
prayer of salvation
angelic salutation /gc

face of an angel
from earth to heaven she went
each day Mother's day /nf

her smile
when I thought they were sisters --
Mothers Day /tm

Mother understands
Though the knee hurts so very much
Wipes the tears away /qc

my heart was broken
Dr. Mom to the rescue
Krazy-Glue and love /rp

smile would light a room
a love that keeps on giving
Mama's precious love /nf

love caressed her cheek
sunlight danced upon her skin
berry picking time /nf

oh, Mama my dear
pink peony bloomed for you
my first blooms this year /nf

begin in each new mother
these blooms /_m

sweet iris
a part of mother's garden
in mine /b'oki

Mother's day
listening the sound of tape
her Koto Harp /sn

someone else calls her
mum /gc

Those years
you were there, today
with you. /vs

twisted and gnarled
digits write beautifully
mother's eighty-eight /jbc

mother's day
something sexy
for his wife /bill

bill - US
b'oki - Bette Norcross Wappner - US
gc - Gillena Cox - TT
jbc - Joseph B. Connolly - US
jd - John Daleiden - US
jg - Judith Gorgone -US
jtc - John Tiong Chunghoo - MY
_m - magyar - US
nf - Nan Forehand - US
qc - Quentin Clingerman - US
rp - Ruth Poteet - US
sn - Sakuo Nakamura - JP
tm - Tyrone McDonald - US
vs - Vaughn Seward - CA

Renku Editor - Gillena Cox

Any additional haiku, sent; from Mother's Day 11th May 2008
to Sunday 18th May 2008, will be added to the Renku.

Mothers day renku 2007

Thursday, May 01, 2008


may day program
pickled mango
broke the mouth

pidgen haiku - Shanna Baldwin-Moore - Hawaii
photo - Gillena Cox - Trinidad and Tobago
haiga design - Gillena Cox

haiku used with Shanna's permission