Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Savvy 31

the image inlaid is of a water colour drawing i did in 2003; haven't done any brush work in quite a long time; i think i'm ready to get back into that arena though, lately i've been thinking of doing so again

Sunday savvy -
the beauty of a blossom

--gillena cox 2012

oxalis blossoms still open
its purple leaves fold
--gillena cox 2003

Ever came across the term Sunday Painter? well, it does exist as a legitimate English language phrase; 'some one who paints as a hobby' Wow! what a discovery, i'm up there with the millions of other hobbyists, and we are labelled

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hair And Now

the above photo of me was taken in February 2009, by my daughter Yanda Cox. After 12 years of growing my hair naturally, today, i have cut it all off; despite my new look, i'm keeping the blog photo up, because that's how i looked when i first started this blog in 2006.

morning rain -
this sudden urge
to do cartwheels

--gillena cox, June 2012

kamiyui mo daishô sashite hatsu awase

their hairstyles
long and short...
new summer kimonos

Issa, 1819

Its Renku Saturday 24 please share a HAIR HAIKU

a quick swipe--
grooming discouraged by
the hair in my comb

--Diane Mayr, US

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Savvy 30

hat rack image from google

the hat rack
the house where i grew up
only dad's hat

--gillena cox(first posted at Caribbean Kigo Kukai as the haiku example for Kukai #14)


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tag 1 Caribbean Kigo Kukai #14 - Fathers

tag 2 Kudos-Fathers

too young to notice
he came home for lunch
every day

--Diane Mayr, US

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Renku Saturday 23

--opening hagia from Gheorghe Postelnicu , Romania;

the war lord
has pull...
chrysanthemum contest
--Issa, 1817

a white butterfly
skips along oblivious -
the rumbling truck
--gillena cox

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Savvy 29

Sunday savvy -
bright sky hosts no day moon
a gentle rain

--gillena cox

Today is the first rainy season Sunday here in T&T; if Corpus Christ Thursday was considered the start of the rainy season.
I came across some witty weather writings at coldal web pages weather lore
Here are a few that made me smile:

Rain on Easter Sunday, it will rain the next 7 Sundays.
Fog goes a hoppin', rain comes a droppin'
Fog in January makes a wet Spring
Feb fog means a frost in May
Ash Wednesday wind continues in Lent
Cold is the night, when stars shine bright.
If smoke goes up - clear, smoke comes down - moisture on the way.
--Carol Saseen


The last Sunday in the month indicates
the weather of the next month.

When circle around the moon t'will rain
-- Amber


Infallible signs of Rainy Weather, from the Observations of divers Animals!

If Ducks or Drakes their Wings do flutter high
Or tender Colts upon their Backs do lie,
If Sheep do bleat, or play, or skip about,
Or Swine hide Straw by bearing on their Snout,
If Oxen lick themselves against the Hair,
Or grazing Kine to feed apace appear,
If Cattle bellow, grazine from below,
Or if Dogs Entrails rumble to and fro,
If Doves or Pigeons in the Evening come
Later than usual to their Dove-House Home,
If Crows and Daws do oft themselves be-wet,
Or Ants and Pismires Home a-pace do get,
If in the dust Hens do their Pinions shake,
Or by their flocking a great Number make,
If Swallows fly upon the Water low,
Or Wood-Lice seem in Armies for to go,
If Flies or Gnats, or Fleas infest and bite,
Or sting more than they're wont by Day or Night,
If Toads hie Home, or Frogs do croak amain,
Or Peacocks cry
Soon after look for Rain!


Dirty days hath September
April June and November
From January up to May
The rain it raineth every day
All the rest have thirty-one
Without a blessed gleam of sun
And if any of them had two-and-thirty
They'd be just as wet and twice as dirty.

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Cultivated green tea fields, Numazu, New Tomei expressway service stop

the Pacific
the breeze of green tea
Sunday drive

--Taro Kunugi
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Saturday, June 09, 2012

The Market Stall

Oil on canvas; Still Life with Fruit 1955; Sybil Atteck (1911 -1975)
image from google

Yesterday, our book club; attended an excellent dramatic presentation of The Stolen Cascadura written by Beverly - Ann Scott at the St James Library; as part of this year's Nalis 'One Book Community' reading festival. Well Done to the 'Dramatik Expressions' from San Fernando Library

market stall -
the unreal greeness
of plastic pears

--gillena cox

Friday, June 08, 2012


...a portrait of Picasso’s muse, the painter and photographer Dora Maar, famous for her love affair with the Málaga artist image from the news Spanish Banking Crisis

past midnight ..
lost in the realm of
an author's words

--gillena cox

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Corpus Christi 2012

Corpus Christi, when i was child, is the day i would hear adults acknowledge as 'The Start Of The Rainy Season' with all the vehemence of a modern day meteorologist; its the day too i got to plant pigeon peas and corn with my father.
In the religious arena, this is the day for Catholics as a pivot to all other religious observances, the focal point being the Holy Eucharist with a sub theme of the church as The Body of Christ; We Catholics are rich in terms of our liturgical observances and this day is not without its share of pomp, its a holiday here in Trinidad and Tobago and the morning is given to the Corpus Christi procession of devotees, and this year, 2012 with a new archbishop.

Corpus Christi 2011 in T&T


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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Sunday Savvy 28

After the work week, or the school week, and weekend chores of Saturday, Sunday is a nice day to pack in some leisure hours; and this Sunday the community of St James affords its populace such a treat since the annual 'we beat' festival started June 1st and ends June 9th this year

Sunday savvy -
the 'we beat' stage draped
red white and black

--gillena cox

Sunday Smiles

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Sunday . . .
how quickly
the long day passes

--Bill, US

Sunday morning
tickseed flowers brighter
than the sun

--Cara, US

picnic on the porch
the fragrance of peonies
with the ham and cheese

--Adelaide, US

I remember when I was a child:

Sunday clatter
coins in the passing tin
fresh milk

My Grandmother Magyar always wispered as the collection dish went by, "A less hungry child."
--_m, US

old age home---
wait for her son
on sunday morning

--Kash poet, IN

Sundays I never liked
I yearn for Mondays

--Lorraine, CA

Saturday, June 02, 2012


As part of The NALIS One Book Community 2012 - reading The Stolen Cascadura by Beverly -Ann Scott; The St James Book Club sat in on a session of "Talk To The Writer!" held at the library this morning. A truly enlivening morning's session

the sun shines brightly -
the questions burning
in reader's hearts

--gillena cox