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One Blossom

One Blossom, is the third part of a three parts, the first two parts are - One Feather and One mango; you can views these at Sketchbook Mar-Apr 09

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Mother's Day Musings 2009

before i make my introductions, i'm going to spill the beans a little. I grew up in Chaguanas with both my parents, siblings, and my paternal grandmother; i have been living in St James since 1972.
About my mother, well, she was always hitting me - with a belt, a cup, a pot spoon, wet clothes while she was washing, you name it, she'd use it to hit on me.
"Mum that wasn't very nice"
Needless to say i opted not to discipline my children in that fashion.
Okay, so moving along. I'm not one of those people who idealize Mum. Growing up, what i liked about my mum was her cooking. Now don't get me wrong people, i never disrespected or ill treated my mother; thats the truth.

My favourite people are my children and my husband; now thats not to say therein only sweetness and no bitterness are, but read on people.

Let me introduce you
Meet my Mom her name is Mary; and my Children -: daughter Yanda and son Khama.

My father is deceased, 1999; his name - Job.
My husband Anthony, reneged on his responsibility to me and the children when in 1978 he left us to go to New York-USA to study, never returning to our home.

So that makes me what? a deserted woman since we were never divorced; or maybe, a woman who rose to meet her challanges with faith? -------------------

Well, i'll let you fill in the blanks.

As a child i always prayed that i would be financially independent, I sometimes use that as a yardstick when i affirm "Yes God answers prayers."

Well being a married mum, with an absentee husband was very challenging, but i love being a mom to my kids, who were the perfect kids - naughty and nice; until they left home and mutated into two people i'm striving each day to know better.

dinner plate auralia your leaves
the same and yet different


revisit Mother's Day 2008

Do leave a comment, Tell me something about you, your Mom, your kids, someone you think is an outstanding Mom;
if you e-mail me your mother's day musings, be it bitter or sweet i'll edit this post and add it. MUCH LOVE

A tribute to my mother: She was not faultless, tended to be negative toward life on Earth, was very judgmental as to our depaortment, and complained about my father too much. BUT, that is a big word which covered whatever faults there were. She loved us, was always there for us (there was a void when she wasn't home when we got home from school), taught us right from wrong, read the Bible with us and always had her private daily devotions (I recall her praying for us--she often prayed out loud), laughed and cried with us, saw that we were regularly in church, set an example of piety before us. That is a rich heritage I shall always remember. She has been gone some twenty years but her legacy remains strong. I thank God for my godly mother.
--Quentin Clingerman; US

As far as Mother's Day went... My focus this year was more on what kind of a mother I have been to my two grown daughters. There are lots of contentedly good memories mixed in with regret for mistakes I have made. If I could have children now at age 49 rather than at age 19 as I had done...I would do things a whole lot different! Ah! the wisdom of age. But, gratefully I have close, honest, loving relationships with each of them. When I find myself criticizing my mother and aspects of my childhood I remember her undying love and the fact that she was young once too.
with the thorns
mother's day
--Robin Beshers; US

just my love and me
strolling down a country road
wildflowers in bloom
--Nan Forehand; US

mother's day -
some black locust petals
on her grave
--Tomislav Maretic; Croatia

My mother; she is the one with whom I open my heart fully without fear of being misunderstood...
--Devika; and others have posted their musings directly to COMMENTS

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Lily Of The Valley

lily of the valley image from World Of Flowers

My grandmother was a market vendor. She sold in the Chaguanas Market - herbs and spices - chives, thyme, nutmegs, bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon; and sweet broom for clothes cupboards. She also made chocolate logs to be used for making hot chocolate drinks. She used cocoa beans, which were washed and sun dried, then crushed to remove the shells, then cloves and cinnamon sticks were added, this was then ground in a hand mill; then shaped into small chocolate logs. She also made and sold sugar cakes (not a cake but a candy made from grated coconuts).
I never called her grandmother, i called her Dee, like most other folks did; but that was not her name. A few other grownups called her Janee, but that too, was not her name.

Lily of the valley;
The memory of my grandmother Dee
Scents my mind.

in response to email questions i've edited to include -- my grandmther's name Veronica; Veronica Mitchell